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So which service is best for you?

Installing new unfinished floors is a great way to have a custom floor designed just for you.  We install and sand the floors on site and show you colors directly on the floor.  We are currently 75% dustless.  No matter how much companies claim to be dustless, there will be some dust.  We strive to keep your home as clean as possible.  Also, if you already have existing site finished floors then this choice is for you.  We select the best materials for your custom floor, quality materials are an important part of you being satisfied. 

Installing prefinished flooring is a good way to get beautiful hardwood floors without all the hassle.
Once we install your floor you can instantly move furniture back in and live on your floors.  Great choice for those who can't leave their homes or deal with the smell of polyurethane.  Most jobs usually completed in just a few days!  Also, there are hundreds of different floors to choose from.  But remember that the quality of your flooring will be a factor in the results of your floors.

Are you floors starting to show some wear?  Did you pull up your old carpet and find hardwood underneath?  Or maybe you just want to change the colors of your existing floors.  Most likely your floors can be refinished to look NEW again!  We have refinished floors over 100yrs in age.  You can refinish you existing floors for a fraction of what it cost for a new floor.  You will be amazed how your floor will turn out, you will wish you done it years ago!


Recoating your floors, is putting a fresh coat of polyurethane on your existing floors.  Recoating is not the same as refinishing! Not all floors can be recoated.  It all depends on past cleaning procedures, and condition of your floors.  
Recoating your floor is a form of maintenance.
This will allow you to go longer before you need to refinish.  It is a one day process that will eliminate surface scratches, and give your floor that beautiful shine back at a fraction of the cost for refinish.
Should be done every 5 years.

Putting a floating/snap together floor down is a great option for many.  If you have concrete floors then this option is for you.  This is also a great choice for basements or going over an existing floor.  There are many different kinds of applications including wood veneer, flormica, cork, and waterproof materials.  But remember, the quality of your materials will effect the results of your floors.
Usually a 10-15yr floor

Are you tired of those worn out carpeted stairs?
You should considers replacing your carpet with solid hardwood treads and risers.  We can install solid unfinished treads and site finish, or for your convince we can prefinish the treads at our shop and install them in 1 or 2 days.  You can choose between painted or stained risers, you can see both in photo gallery.